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Complaints aside, using Bumble for hookups worked for me

Complaints aside, using Bumble for hookups worked for me

When it comes to BFF and Bizz, I don’t see the point. I don’t want to do professional networking using a dating app! (I use LinkedIn, thank you)

I also don’t want a woman to friend-zone me because I used the platonic “Finding Friends Tool” for its dating possibilities . It’s counterproductive. I don’t make friends just to creep on them and hope for some accidental sex… That’s stupid.

I don’t get it. Is this for when you want to have sex with your platonic friends? Or when you want to hook up with your co-workers or clients from the “Scranton Branch?” while on a work vacation?

But you know, if you’ve used Bumble Friend Finder to hook up with a friend who you turned into a sex buddy, and then turned into a client for business…good for you, dude.

Also, as I mentioned, not being able to message women first can be frustrating … especially if she’s super your type and you want to try and get the ball rolling.

The first time I tried Bumble hookups, it didn’t work. So here’s the part where I complain about all the fake profiles on Bumble, right?

Two things: Sure, there are fake Bumble profiles. There are fake profiles on every single dating app out there, even the fancy ones you can’t join.

But that doesn’t mean that every person who ignores you is a bot, or a hooker or a mean old witch. Sometimes matches just don’t work out.

Sometimes a woman will like your profile in the moment and then literally forget why she ever matched with you in the first place! It happens on every dating and hookup app.

My advice is to accept the fact that you will probably swipe right 100 times and get maybe 5-10 matches.

You may be ghosted too after the opening question, so stick around. Be persistent. You get 25 swipes every day so plan for the long-game, not a short sprint.

Using Bumble for Hookups – The 10 Girls I Matched With

Mind you, it took me all of two weeks of constantly swiping right on a lot of different types of ladies.

The 8 Runners-up

  1. Nelle : Kind of sarcastic and we had a few laughs. But she wasn’t serious about dating in person.
  2. Jazzy : Lot of fun but she said she was a Pentecostal Christian and well, I’m agnostic, so you know, not a great match beyond the physical.
  3. Dawn : Ghosted me after a few memes and jokes. But we had at least two good conversations.
  4. Elizabeth : Nice girl, but had a boyfriend. And uh…she was definitely not polyamorous. And almost needless to say, she ghosted me!
  5. Marionne : She was not much of a laugher. We had very serious chats…and she got bored of me, I guess. Oh well, fun while it lasted.
  6. Cassie : Made her laugh, but she ghosted.
  7. Naomi : She was uh, not for me. Let’s just say she had a very, very particular list of wants and I could not meet that standard.
  8. Deanna : Beautiful woman visiting from Australia! I super-liked her. We laughed, talked, but…she ghosted. Too bad, I would have conquered 1,000 kangaroos for the chance to visit the land down under.

Bumble Match #1 – Erica

If I’m being honest with you guys, even after trying my Bumble hacks I only got two real dates out of my most recent experience. One was very successful and one is still kind of pending. I’ll explain that in a second…

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